About us

Institute for Community-based Social Services Foundation (ICSS) is а non-governmental organization, registered in public interest in central register of the Ministry of Justice and is a member of the European association of service providers for persons with disabilities (EASPD).

The mission of the foundation is to work actively for the development and delivery of long-term social services for vulnerable children and adults. ICSS initiates activities for facilitating the access to social services in the community and for improving their quality, stability and diversity.

To our team social services in the community (services in domestic environment, in the day centre, in the protected house and others) represent not only alternative form of social protection and care in the local community. This care unites the efforts of various stakeholders – relatives and neighbours, supporting specialists and responsible institutions, business and volunteers, people with higher sensitivity to difference and vulnerability.

Such a unique resource helps social services to become more sustainable, more flexible and in bigger degree individualized in comparison with (and in addition to) services provided within the frames of funded programme or project.

That is why ICSS is searching and initiating partnerships with all concerned people and institutions – service users and their relatives, providers of social services, local authorities, experts, media, etc., who can help more children and adults to receive access to more services closer to their homes.

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